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We have many types of softwoods and hardwoods at various sizes.All our woods are air dried, air drying is the drying of timber by exposing it to the air. The technique of air drying consists mainly of making a stack of sawn timber (with the layers of boards separated by stickers) on raised foundations, in a clean, cool, dry and shady place. Rate of drying largely depends on climatic conditions, and on the air movement (exposure to the wind). For successful air drying, a continuous and uniform flow of air throughout the pile of the timber needs to be arranged (Desch and Dinwoodie, 1996). Benefits- It can be less expensive to use this drying method (there are still costs associated with storing the wood, and with the slower process of getting the wood to market), and air drying often produces a higher quality, more easily workable wood than with kiln drying. Drawbacks- Depending on the climate, it takes several months to a number of years to air-dry the wood. Our stock is continuously changing so check our catalog often, If you can not find what you need contact us and we will get it for you.


Big Bear Sawmill

Timber mills use very large band saws for ripping lumber; they are preferred over circular saws for ripping because they can accommodate large-diameter timber and because of their smaller kerf (cut size), resulting in less waste.

Our portable band saw mill is capable of cutting logs 3 feet in diameter from 2 feet to 28 feet in length. Contact us for your custom cuts even if you only have a few cuts to be made, no project is to small.


Big Bear Lumber Reclaimed Wood

We also carry salvaged lumber from structures prior to dismantling. Catalog